Go Pet Club GPC8036 Pet Cooling Mat - B0168AT4YI
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Go Pet Club GPC8036 Pet Cooling Mat - B0168AT4YI

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  • Size : 35.4-Inch L x 23.6-Inch W

  • Can be used in doors and out doors

  • Helps to prevent dehydration and over-heating, and helps with joint pain

  • Material: nylon with two layer PVC coating. Inside: hydrophilic polymer gel

  • Bite and puncture resistant, non toxic

  • Looking to keep your pet cool through out the year? this self cooling gel pad is non toxic, ultra lightweight, portable and easy to clean. It easily folds for storage and transportation, and can be put anywhere, including outdoors on your pet's cots, in cars, beds, crates, and many more places. this cooling pad requires no refrigeration, electricity, or heating and simply becomes activated with weight and pressure. It serves its purpose to keep your pets cool in hot summers and weather, and prevents over-heating in your pets. During the winter, this mat helps with joint pain relief, providing a soft surface for your pets to sleep on. Simply put it down where your pet lays down and that's it. your pet will enjoy the cooling sensation on their sleeping areas throughout the year.

    Go Pet Club GPC8036 Pet Cooling Mat - B0168AT4YI